Pottery created from Earth and Fire

Pottery created from Earth and Fire

About Matthew

Ceramics made by hand

Matthew Elston was born in Leon, Iowa. His early years were spent in the Pottery studio of his parents, Pahponee (Pahponee.com) and Gregory Elston. His mother Pahponee, a member of the Kickapoo and Potawatomi Nations in Kansas and his father Gregory, a College trained Ceramist, were both influential from the beginning. Matthew and his family moved to Elizabeth, Colorado when he was 14. His pottery knowledge continued to grow as worked for and traveled with his family, as they operated their Pottery business. He also studied Computer Science in High School and College and has worked for the past 16 years in the Computer Science related fields throughout the Denver area. Presently Matthew works full-time with a large Healthcare Company, is married and has three son’s of his own. He has recently began to refocus his creative talent and skill toward new Pottery forms, both traditional and contemporary. His Pottery Studio is located in Gurley, NE, where he continues to create his own unique style of Ceramic’s. Matthew is dedicated to testing his mind and body in this medium of art. Eventually, Matthew will pass on his knowledge to his own son’s, just as it was passed on to him from his parents. 


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